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 +====== Refund Policy ======
 +Refund availability depends on the type of service purchased.
 +===== 100mbit Seedboxes =====
 +We do not offer any sort of refund on these servers, if you wish to trial the service we recommend purchasing a weekly package as they are very inexpensive.
 +===== 1gbit+ Seedboxes =====
 +If you are unsatisfied with the service or wish to purchase a different service, please contact us at [[[email protected]]] and we can offer you a pro-rated refund (a refund for the time that you didn't use the seedbox).
 +===== VPN Service =====
 +The VPN service has a 7-day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied with the service or want to cancel for any reason within the first 7 days please contact [[[email protected]]].
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